It always starts with a seed, a thought that tumbles to the edge of the mind.

I love writing. I always have.  Ultimately, I have wanted to write a book for my children. They grow alongside us, on our journey. They do not have a lot of choice but to come along for the ride. As children, they will have a slightly different memory bank to mine. I, therefore, wanted to put context around their memories for them to fully see the journey we were on and just how much I love them.

The catalyst for speaking my truth now was reading a book called This is Not How it Ends by Jehan Casinader October of 2020. This book reinforced my own beliefs that we all have the power to change our own stories every day. A lot of us will have similarities; being able to function at a high level whilst at the bottom of the despair pit. Here it seems easier to stay and simply wait for a solution or for someone else to decide for us what the next step is…. except no one can truly decide what that next step is except us.

The phrase ‘the power of the mind’ is not just a bumper sticker. Our minds have the power to do anything we tell it to. Hundreds and thousands of signals are sent all over the place to keep our engine running. However, for some of us, at certain times or under certain pressures, the wires get crossed and our signals get mixed up. It will not necessarily present as the same cookie-cutter one-size fits all deal.

There may be some similarities, but it is not like you can walk down the street and just label those who have anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). If you have someone in your life that is stuck in a cycle of brain fog or a heavy suffocating cloud, keep checking in with them and holding space for them. Mental illness can be a lonely place. It can be where the fixation is going over all the possible ways a situation could go wrong, even if that situation has been and gone, or might never happen.

My journey is sadly not mine alone, there are many moving parts and by sharing I hope to bring education, comfort, and real change.

Lets start the difficult conversations around trauma.

Kia Maia means to be bold, capable, and strong. My vision for Kia Maia is to reach frontline staff, their families, friends, and organisations highlighting vicarious trauma, the risk factors, and healing.

On the flipside, Kia Maia will also be supporting education within the community around boundaries, resilience, consent, and sexual assault narrative change.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your school, work or group contact me to discuss the options of tailoring an event.



Heart Place Hospital

Heart Place Hospital was founded by Jacqui O'Connor in 2017 and provides whole heart healing.

After being a Nurse for 28 years, Jacqui could see the pending crisis that would hit the front-line professions, creating a ripple effect into the world and affecting every citizen.

Heart Place Hospital is a community of innovative and integrated service providers that work in partnership agreement to create a safe space and multifaceted solutions for people working on the front line, such as nurses, midwives, doctors, emergency services, and teachers, through funding.


Introspect Healing

Introspect is a dynamic and passionate studio founded by John McMechan, whose extensive knowledge of the healing arts has helped countless individuals achieve a higher state of consciousness and well-being. With a focus on energy, physical communication, emotional guidance, and past-life regression.

At Introspect, we offer a range of premium courses, breathwork journeys, and 1:1 client sessions to help you achieve your fullest potential. Our commitment to health, well-being, identifying + releasing limiting beliefs, understanding the body’s physical communications, and the emotional guidance system to free yourself of pain, physical ailments, and the reality that is not serving you.


Dear em

Sometimes it's hard being a girl. Em shares real talk from real girls to get through the good times and the bad, together.

Empathise, empower, embrace.

Self care 101, understanding different emotions, real talk from real girls


Pride NZ

We celebrate the diversity of our communities and their individualism, identity, freedom of expression, community culture and growing every-day acceptance. We are here together to lead change and give a voice to everyone within the LGBTQI+ community.



An ‘innerBoy’ is the subconscious version of us. We can’t see him, but he holds all our old experiences, specifically the traumatic experiences that made a big impact on your life. This is what your innerBoy is made of. He is too often ‘stuck’ in those experiences, having not received the proper support or validation when traumatic events occurred, so always remains on high alert to warn us now of things that trigger or remind him of his old pain. That’s when he might lash out in childish ways or shut down. He doesn’t know how else to regulate his feelings because he wasn’t prepared for what took place in the past and no one helped him make sense of it at the time, so he’s been in survival mode ever since.


The light Project

The Light Project was established in 2017 by a small team of sexual and public health professionals.The project was set up in response to the changing online porn landscape and the absence of any information, support or resources for young people in Aotearoa.

The Light Project works alongside New Zealand youth health services, schools, sexual violence prevention services and youth organisations and has undertaken national youth workforce development projects for the Ministry of Health and ACC.


Blue Hope

 We all want a fair crack of the whip. At The Foundation we are experts in health and safety, and we use this knowledge to help you. We want a healthy and safe Police Service for New Zealanders.

PTSD among police officers is a workplace injury, and as such comes under the provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Connecting injured police workers to ACC, Blue Hope Foundation being started for the benefit of the blue whanau, both serving and retired.


Tautoko Mai

Whether you need support for yourself, a friend, or whanau, we are here to tautoko/support you.

Our purpose is supporting all people and communities affected by sexual harm towards wellbeing through healing, education and prevention.

Offering crisis support service, medical support, ACC sensitive claims counselling support


Safeguarding Children

Providing resources to parents, staff, and leaders to address child abuse and neglect.

We offer on demand, webinar, seminar and in-house courses that give you important and practical information on how to do your part in safeguarding our children.