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Alan McGlade
A valuable insight for dealing with workplace stress

Compelling stories which highlight a failure on the part of many, or even most, organisations to take the health and wellbeing of their staff seriously. We constantly turn a blind eye to the stresses that frontline staff face, especially in the emergency services, because it's either too hard, or too expensive to put systems in place to proactively support those who represent and protect from the harsh realities of life. Well done to Donna for speaking out and talking candidly about her experiences and those of some of her colleagues in law enforcement and health services.
Well worth the read!

(p/s - and I'm happy for you to remove this next part if you use any part of the review as it doesn't really relate to the book and its contents - but the proofreading is appalling and impacts negatively on the enjoyment of the book - mind you, I say that from a former proofreader's point of view, so I don't know if you have had similar comments from other readers - other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book :-))

Brace yourself

"Stop leaving parts of yourself everywhere you go, every altercation, experience, good, bad or between."  - Donna Davis, Not Fine, The hidden cost of caring.
I am drawn to autobiographies/biographies, so am somewhat familiar with being rocked and thrown about in a storm of words. However, this book had an added element, as I knew some of the context.  While not surprised by the stories shared, I was still amazed at the level of ongoing and heightened trauma experienced and expected in front line roles. There is ample reflection and light to know these individuals are ok, if not the NZ public sector. Humans are strangely adaptable and I know with the right preventative measures and support, we will be able to properly care for those who care for our most vulnerable. Thank you for sharing these stories Donna.  

David White
The truth

I was already familiar with the subject of this book because of the work I do. But to have it so clearly expressed is a revelation. Not Fine will not be fine for any reader who is not prepared to read true experiences of stress and trauma. I think read them you must, or stay blissfully ignorant of the pressure of working on the front line in New Zealand.

Allister Roae
PTSD in Police

It was great read. I especially like the different story form different people about their experiences with PTSD and policing

Julie Richards
Amazing Book!

For someone who doesn't really read books I couldn't put this one done. What an eye opener to what our frontline staff go through!! Donna, I'm so proud of you for what you have written with what you and your colleagues have gone through. I wish I could get so many people to read this book.